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Here for any of your Excavating Needs.

Mulching 2.HEIC

Our machines at EFR Excavating cuts, grinds & clears vegetation from any type of landscape.  We have a mulching head on our equipment so we can get into areas that many other mulching companies are unable to get to.

after muching.HEIC

EFR Excavating will come remove all unwanted vegetation, brush and shrubs so you can start construction, farming, or any project you desire on your property.

Land Clearing.HEIC

EFR Excavating specializes in clearing brush, ponds, digging up rocks, filling in large holes, removing shrubs and small or large trees, & stumps. We are the local experts for any land clearing or lot learing services. Need land to build on? Need to make land usable for farming? EFR will clear any area for all of your land development needs.  We will handle everything with the land so that that you can focus on planning and building your project.


At EFR Excavating, we ensure that your land is properly graded to a perfectly level base or at whatever specified slope that is needed.  We use innovative equipment and technology to ensure that your grading job is done precisely to the specs that you are in need of.  We handle projects such as construction land grading sites, development projects, leveling and smoothing, grading for draining excavation, grading for pool installation, and any other grading projects.

gravel driveway 2.HEIC

EFR Excavating specializes in gravel driveway installations.  We can design & create gravel driveways to your specifications and needs.    We will handle every part of the project from start to finish which would include clearing, leveling, designing, & creating your new gravel driveway.

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