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Land Grading & Yard Leveling  Services

At EFR Excavating, we ensure that your land is properly graded to a perfectly level base or at whatever specified slope that is needed.  We use innovative equipment and technology to ensure that your grading job is done precisely to the specs that you need.  We handle projects such as construction land grading sites, development projects, leveling and smoothing, grading for draining excavation, grading for pool installation, grading for driveways, yard leveling services and any other grading projects.

If you need land grading services or land leveling services, we would love to talk to you! We are your local, reliable, affordable land grading contractor.  We are a licensed & insured contractor & offer 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call or fill out our "Get a Free Quote" form now, to talk to our grading specialist about your land grading project needs! We cannot wait to speak with you! 

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