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Forestry Mulching Services

At EFR Excavating our forestry mulching equipment is top of the line. Our excavator has a special mulching head, so we are able to reach down in areas that most standard mulching equipment can not.  Our special land clearing method helps us to remove all trees, vines, brush, plants and vegetation. 


Forestry mulching is our specialty. We can cut, grind, and clear through any piece of land. We have helped many of our customers make their land usable again. We can clear out the overgrowth on your land very quickly.


If you are looking for a forestry mulching company in SC or NC, give us a call! We are your local, reliable, trusted, and affordable forestry mulcher. Let one of our forestry mulching experts come access your property and give you a free quote today! We are licensed & insured and we use the most innovative and up to date equipment on the market. 

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